Top 10 Best Nootropic Supplements (Smart Drugs) to Improve Memory, Concentration and Brain Power


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How Nootropics Work:

Nootropics have to be able to affect the brain in some way because it is the organ that controls our cognitive abilities. Although you may get a boost in brain function, do not expect an instant increase in your IQ or expect to see a dramatic enhancement of your intelligence. It may seem like a miracle drug, but it cannot really perform miracles.

Nootropics will impact various areas of your nervous system depending on the type of drug that you take. They help your neurotransmitters to send signals more efficiently and when your neurotransmitters are functioning at their best, your cognitive abilities will also be positively impacted.

Nootropics may have these specific effects:

  • They improve your brain function as they increase production and signalling of neurotransmitters.
  • They may also increase the blood flow to your brain so it can have more energy to perform tasks.
  • Some nootropics stimulate the growth of neurons and slow down the rate of damage to those that already exist.

If you use nootropics for an extended period, it is very likely that you will be rewarded with long term improvement in the health and functioning of your brain.

Benefits of Nootropics:

  1. Focus: There are many types of nootropics that can improve your ability to focus. Of course, as with all supplements, there are some that are more effective than others. If you want to improve your ability to focus, one recommended ingredient is L-theanine. When it is paired with caffeine, it produces an even more desirable outcome.
  1. Memory: Many people want to be have a better memory. The older you get, the more likely you will be to forget things. While some people have made their peace with using post-its, reminders, or a personal planner, others want to be able to remember without being prompted. Some nootropics are able to assist with short-term memory while others help with long term-memory. Some enhance both types of memory. The most commonly used ingredients for that are choline and piracetam.
  1. Mood: If you have anxiety issues or depression, nootropics may be able to enhance your mood. They are able to get rid of your anxiety and help you to feel happier so you can get rid of your depression. If you are in a good mood, it usually leads to you being energetic, and you often exude a high level of confidence.
  1. Reasoning and Creativity: If you are an artist or you have a job that requires you to be very creative, you may find that there are days when your creativity is low. We often hear stories of writers who have writer’s block because they are unable to think about a how to proceed with their new book. Can you imagine the creative juices that would flow if they used a nootropic? Substances such as creatine and nicotine are known to be good at influencing the reasoning and creative skills of an individual.
  1. Fatigue: Not only does creatine influence the reasoning skills of an individual, it also helps to fight fatigue and sleep deprivation. Another substance that can be used is Rhodiola rosea. If you have long restless nights and can find no way to fall asleep, these nootropics may assist you in feeling rested.

The benefits of many nootropics may be enhanced when they are combined. Once a combination is created, it is referred to as a nootropic stack. Before you attempt to combine nootropics, ensure that you are fully aware of the possible outcomes. Remember that not all nootropics are considered to be “good” so there may be side effects for some of them.

Reasons to Take Nootropics:

The thought of improving your cognitive abilities is very intriguing for many.

  • They may allow you to sleep better by normalizing your sleep patterns.
  • They stimulate productivity because they help you focus more and enhance the length of your attention span.
  • They can improve neuroplasticity which is necessary for learning, storing, and remembering various things and adapting to situations.
  • They are able to help reduce the feeling of stress by regulating the levels of cortisol. The lower the levels of cortisol, the less stressed a person will feel.
  • They can prevent obesity by speeding up the body’s metabolism. Because blood flow to the brain is increased, the body will metabolize substances much more quickly so very little fat will be stored.
  • Nootropics keep your mind young and may help prevent certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s.
  • Some nootropics have the ability to help repair DNA.
  • They can prevent and fight cancer by destroying free radical compounds that can be the cause of cancer.
  • Some are able to boost libido by affecting the mental aspect that drives sexual arousal.
  • Enhance mood by preventing depression and anxiety.
  • While other cognitive stimulants may be addictive or have unpleasant side effects, a good nootropic has no negative effects.
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