Adderin advanced formula is built to give you a boost of energy as soon as you take it and keep you alert and focused throughout the day
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On March 18, 2011, the movie Limitless was released, and audiences loved it. The film cost a mere $27 million to make and it grossed an impressive $80 million, because people were intrigued by the concept. A man takes a pill and he’s able to access 100{06e7304070db71fae1a319cd9aaf2b8c36289baaf0b0f1647c62fd95cb0347e3} of his brain instead of the measly 20{06e7304070db71fae1a319cd9aaf2b8c36289baaf0b0f1647c62fd95cb0347e3} like the rest of us. Many people thought this movie was just a science fiction thriller but the success of the movie has lead many people to investigate nootropics and their effects.  While the effects achieved in the movie were obviously exaggerated, real people say they’ve increased their mental abilities by starting a regimen of Adderin

What is Adderin?

The manufacturers of this supplement make some bold claims about their product. However, they also have a host of testimonials to back these claims. Adderin is reported to improve short term memory while also drastically increasing long-term memory. It’s also reported to improve cognition and focus. It has even been reported to boost physical energy, which seems natural. The brain is responsible for all physical movement of the muscles, so improving brain function would logically lead to increased energy. It seems that science has finally figured out how to make the brain run at peak performance with the use of natural ingredients. The active agents within Adderin are reported to stimulate the brain into firing on all cylinders, even as we age.


Adderin Ingredients


This ingredient occurs naturally in some plants like soy, and it reportedly increases the presence of acetylcholine in the brain. Acetylcholine helps to improve memory and increase cognition. It’s even reported to fend off the effects that aging has upon the brain.


This is an amino acid that naturally occurs within the body. It’s related to alertness, and it helps people perform better in stressful situations. It has even been used by the military to help soldiers focus under intense conditions.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa has been used in the orient for centuries. It may increases memory function and overall cognition. It is also believed to reduce the effects of an aging brain.


This ingredient is linked to increased mental energy. This may be the most important ingredient in the stack, because increased mental energy is one of the effects that Adderin’s customers rave about. It helps the brain utilize glucose more efficiently, and glucose is the sugar that creates all the body’s energy. Perhaps this is why people who have taken Adderin say they don’t have to sleep as much. College students use Adderin because they it helps them stay up late and study and helps them retain the information they’ve learned.


Gaba occurs naturally in the brain, but insufficient levels can lead to anxiety. This compound helps to regulate mood and and reduce the brains reaction to stress. People who have taken Adderin say stressful situations no longer bother them, and some say they now prefer more complex tasks.

Huperzine A

This ingredient is reported to boost cognition, and negate the effects of acetyl cholinesterase, a compound that has been associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia.



Adderin Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage of Adderin is one pill a day, taken in the morning.

Adderin Side Effects

The only side effect that was consistently reported from the use of Adderin was increased bowel movements. Some of the ingredients within the supplement have side effects, but it seems as though this particular stack neutralizes these effects. Women who are pregnant or expecting children shouldn’t take the supplement. Children should also refrain from using Adderin.

Adderin Adderin Price

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  • Possible risk of  side effects

It seems as though people have garnered very impressive results with this supplement. There are a multitude of successful people who claim it helps the to focus and concentrate on difficult tasks. Some professional athletes have even begun to take Adderin to gain a competitive edge. It seems as though scientists have found a way to fine tune the human mind the way they can fine tune computers. Some people who take the supplement claim that it boost their mental prowess beyond the level of a 20 year old. There are many nootropics available, but Adderin is the brand most closely associated with improved brain function. The supplement seems to work by giving the brain the tools it needs to fine tune itself. Most of the ingredients within the supplement have shown promising results in clinical trials and the makers of Adderin seem like they’ve combined these ingredients for optimum performance.


Adderin advanced formula is built to give you a boost of energy as soon as you take it and keep you alert and focused throughout the day
$69.95 $87.50
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