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Ingredients of Lumonol have been shown to help with attention issues, bring clarity and relief to those who struggle with poor productivity, distractions, anxiety or forgetful memory
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When watching the vast array of prescription dug commercials, one might begin to wonder what people did before there were drug companies to produce these chemicals. However, the answer is simple; people relied upon nature, and this trend is becoming more popular. Lumonol is a natural supplement that is reported to provide benefits for the brain. Lumonol is rather new to the field of nootropics, which have become insanely popular after the movie Limitless was produced. While no supplement can unlock all the mysteries of the human mind, some nootropics have been associated with increased cognitive brain function. Lumonol contains several ingredients that have been used on their own to improve different areas of cognitive performance, and many of these are naturally occurring. Of course. science is still needed to create an effective nootropic, but it’s refreshing to see nature being reintroduced to the process.

What is Lumonol?

Not to be confused with the chemical compound Luminol, Lumonol is a supplement which is manufactured to increase brain activity. It’s mostly designed to combat the symptoms that we most often associate with aging. Even people who never succumb to the effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia will eventually notice a decline in their memory and cognitive function. In most people, this decline begins to occur in the thirties and progresses as we age. Lumonol has been reported to neutralize some of these effects and even boost mental performance in younger people. The supplement has become popular on college campuses with people who are at their mental peaks. This supplement contains a stack of ingredients which seem to maximize each others effects. Since Lumonol is still relatively new, there aren’t as many reviews available. However the few who have tried it are pretty universal in their praise. Lumonol is reported to improve the way the mind deals with stress. It has also been linked to increased blood flow to the brain, and improved long term and short term memory.


Lumonol Ingredients


This ingredient is important because it allows the other ingredients to cross the blood brain barrier. This is the bundle of capillaries that filter what we consume from entering our brains. By crossing this barrier, Lumonol’s ingredients are able to have a more pronounced effect. This ingredient is also associated with improved mood, and it has been used as a treatment for ADHD. It has also been used to improve the memories of those who have a suffered severe head trauma.

Ginkgo Biloba

For centuries, this ingredient has been used as a natural way to increase cognition. It’s derived from the maidenhair tree, and it’s a popular supplement when used by itself. It’s also reported to treat Alzheimer’s and Dementia in older patients.


In parts of Europe, Noopept is used by itself as a nootropic. It’s a patented formula that has been linked with improved cognition. It’s also reported to increase mental energy while also increasing memory.

Panax Ginseng

This is another natural ingredient with a long history of improving mental function. Ginseng is also used as a natural stimulant to boost both mental and physical energy. There are even some energy drinks that feature ginseng as a natural stimulant.

Acetylcarnitine (ALCAR)

This is a compound that occurs naturally in the human body. ALCAR functions on a cellular level to help the mitochondria within the cells. When the cells can better process fatty aids, the brain and body experience a boost in energy.


This is a naturally occurring amino acid that aid the cells when they process proteins. This ingredient is found naturally in lots of foods such as poultry, dairy, nuts, seeds soy, bananas, avocado, and bananas. This is another ingredient that allows the other ingredients to cross the blood, brain barrier.


Like most of the ingredients within Lumonol, Phosphatidylserine operates on a cellular level. This is an extremely important ingredient, and it’s directly related to the function of Lumonol. Phosphatidylserine is essential for cells to communicate with each other. This is especially important in the nervous system where cells are programmed to die after a certain period of time. When the nervous system where cells are programmed to die after a certain period of time. When the body is left with only cells that are in their prime, one might experience a boost in mental and physical energy.


This is a natural source of caffeine which allows the other ingredients to more quickly enter the blood steam. This is important because Lumonol is reported to work very quickly. When the pulse is increased by the caffeine, the cells receive the assistance they need at an accelerated pace. This ingredient also helps the ingredients cross the blood-brain barrier. Unlike the caffeine found within sodas and coffee, Guarna’s caffeine isn’t as harsh to one’s physiology.


This is another naturally occurring ingredient that’s found in a number of plants, but especially in barley. Hordenine increases the rate at which the cells can metabolize the other ingredients, making them far more effective. Lumonol works by feeding the cells, and it seems this ingredient helps them consume the product. It has also been shown to stimulate the central nervous system, which may increase cognition and mental function.


This is yet another ingredient that helps Lumonol’s ingredients cross the blood-brain barrier. Once in the human system, the body turns the Picamilon into GABA and niacin which are commonly found in nootropics. However, both of these ingredients have trouble crossing the barrier which is why Picamilon is such an effective nootropic ingredient. It’s rarely found in other nootropics, but it’s one of the ingredients that makes Lumonol different.


Lumonol Dosage

Serving Size: 2 Vege Capsules.  Servings per container: 30.  Take 2 capsules daily with breakfast. Children and pregnant women are strictly advised against using the supplement.

Lumonol Side Effects

The only side effects reported while taking Lumonol were restlessness and upset stomach.

Lumonol Cost

1 Bottle- $59.97
3 Bottles – $119.97


  • Fast Acting Formula
  • Unique list of ingredients not found in other nootropics
  • 90 Day Guarantee
  • Contains Noopept


  • On the pricier side
  • Only available online
  • Contains caffeine

my concentration has doubled since I started taking it. Lumonol is my secret weapon in not just my business, but also in my life.
Sarah Liang, Vermont
Lumonol is the best I have tried and it works! I’ve spent fortunes on similar pills, but only having taken yours do I realise there’s nothing like it! I now take it daily.
Dominik Boecker, UK


Ingredients of Lumonol have been shown to help with attention issues, bring clarity and relief to those who struggle with poor productivity, distractions, anxiety or forgetful memory
$59.97 $79.98
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