Optineuro can increase concentration from 20-30 minutes and longer term memory benefits after 8+ weeks of daily use.
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The human brain is one of nature’s greatest marvels, but keeping it sharp can be challenging. Fortunately, scientists now understand more than ever about the original super computer and consumers can take advantage with available Nootropics. This is a term used to describe supplements that strengthen the human mind, through the use of various natural ingredients. One of the more publicized supplements on the market is Optineuro, a Nootropic that’s formulated with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Optineuro is reported to improve mood, enhance awareness, improve memory and reduce stress. These claims may seem quite lofty, but there are people who attest to Optineuro’s success.

What is Optineuro?

Like All Nootropics, Optineuro stimulates the brain through the use of ingredients that provide food for the mind. However, some Nootropics feature artificial ingredients and fillers. Optineuro is one of the few nootropics that crosses the bran-blood barrier to impact the mind as well as the body. The brain-blood barrier prevents the things you consume from reaching your brain, so a supplement that doesn’t cross this border can’t have a maximum effect. Brain food can only benefit the brain if it can actually bypass the capillaries that form the blood-brain barrier. This reportedly allows the supplement to immediately stimulate the neurotransmitters to function at an optimum level, hence the name Optineuro. This supplement boasts several bold claims such as the effect of taking just two pills. According to the manufacturers, the daily dosage will show almost immediate effects. This is done by utilizing a wide variety of different ingredients. One of those ingredients is caffeine which helps to speed the formula to the brain.

Optineuro Ingredients


This ingredient is reported to increase the rate at which mitochondria burn fat. While this wouldn’t impact a person’s weight, it can provide the brain with more energy. This can also lead to increased levels of physical energy, because the human mind ultimately controls all the muscles.

Bacopa Extract

Bacopa is reported to fend off free radicals in the brain which can lead to improved brain health. Antioxidants like Bacopa are known for their anti-cancer effects, but the benefits of this ingredient don’t stop there. It has also ben reported to reduce the impact that stress has upon a person. Even the sharpest mind can get bogged down by stress so adding the Bacopa seems like a wise idea.


TMG isn’t typically featured as a nootropics ingredient, but it has been reported to improve cell health. Healthier brain cells might prompt the brain to function more efficiently. TMG is also reported to regulate homocysteine levels which also increase physical energy.

Alpha GPC

This ingredient is reported to more efficiently prompt the brain to release acetylcholine. This is an organic compound that naturally occurs in higher life forms. It’s essential for the brain’s neurons to function properly, and Alpha GPC stimulates the brain to increase acetylcholine production.


This ingredient is also known as PS and it has been known to reduce the loss of functional cognition. This is especially promising for older people who may be suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. The ingredient has even been linked to improved cognition but these results were mainly in athletes.


This is another ingredient that has been linked to improved neural function. It occurs naturally in lots of different foods, but a diet of processed meals may leave someone with a deficiency.

B Vitamins

A B vitamin deficiency can affect the mind and the bones. Vitamin B has also been linked to reduced brain shrinkage when taken regularly.


Optineuro Recommended Dosage

Take two tablets daily with food. Take two in the morning with breakfast, or before exercise. Or you may take one in the morning and one in the afternoon. You must drink 1.5 – 2L of water daily with this product.  Each Bottle of Optineuro contains 60 capsules – a one month supply.

OptineuroSide Effects

Optineuro contains caffeine which can cause jitters, restlessness and insomnia. However, some of these issues can be avoided by taking both pills in the morning after breakfast. The day’s normal activities can help to exhaust the caffeine, and the capsules can serve as a substitute for coffee.

The manufacturers recommend keeping the supplement away from small children. They also advise women who are pregnant or may become pregnant to avoid the product as well. The supplement should also be avoided by people who are taking a prescription for high blood pressure should also avoid using this supplement. It packs quite a caffeine kick, but it’s no threat to people with strong hearts. The caffeine is a double-edged sword within the the supplement because it’s directly responsible for the speedy results.


  • Optineuro contains a good variety of ingredients that are reported to alleviate a litany of different issues
  • One of the most affordable nootropics on the market
  • Many positive reviews
  • Optineuro doesn’t require months to deliver the maximum effects
  • Money back guarantee


  • Contains Caffeine
  • Doesn’t deliver the overwhelming results like the more expensive nootropics

Optineuro would be best described as an impatient person’s Nootropic. It doesn’t deliver the really over the top results like some other supplements claim to do. However, people who have tried it agree that they experience results within a few hours. It has ingredients that linked to fending off the effects of aging, and it those who use it attest to its speed. This supplement is best for people who need a sudden boost in cognition to study for a test or compete in an academic competition. It’s also ideal for people who have noticed a decline in their mental performance as they have aged.

This is the best brain support formula I have found (and I’ve tried several). I was in the UK for several weeks and ordered this while there, as the formula I typically use was not available. While Opti Neuro is more expensive, it is definitely more effective. Expensive though it may be, it is worth the cost. It would be great to see this on Subscribe and Save!
Libby Hollis
Seemed to work better than the other herbals. I noticed more work got done when I was on this. I bought my first bottle during an Amazon lightning deal.. I would have otherwise never experimented with this. I am still skeptical, can’t rule out placebo effect but, it helped me.. And I have an important exam coming. So I am buying my 2nd bottle.

Optineuro can increase concentration from 20-30 minutes and longer term memory benefits after 8+ weeks of daily use.
$39.99 $69.99
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