ProBrain is a 100% natural water-soluble supplement that quickly enters the brain, to protect neurons, improve signal transmission, and support brain function and learning processes.

It seems logical that 90,000 miles of electrical wiring would be subject to the occasional malfunction over time. This is exactly what happens to people as we age.  The wiring (which compose the human nervous system) begin to experience a litany of issues. Fortunately, there’s a supplement that seems to address many of these issues, and lots of people have taken notice. ProBrain is a nootropic which achieves its effect through the use of all-natural ingredients. This particular supplement contains a stack of ingredients that have each been reported to deliver impressive results. Pro Bain not only addresses issues within the central nervous system, it has been reported to improve people’s overall moods.


What is ProBrain?

This nootropic has been reported to improve the way the synapses function throughout the body. Synapses are also known as nerve cells and they are responsible for helping each part of the body communicate with the others. Without Synapses, no one would be able to walk, talk or even feel pain. Synapses are extremely important for the body to function, but they’re subject to deterioration. One of the claims made by the manufacturers of ProBrain is an improved function of the synapses which can lead to improved function of the mind and body. These tall claims seem like just that until one takes a look at the list of ingredients found in the supplement.

ProBrain Ingredients


This is also known as niacin though it can actually occur in three different forms. B3 is essential to proper brain function because it helps the body process glucose. This is a type of sugar which all higher life forms need in order to properly function. Every organ and muscle within the body utilizes glucose as food, and a deficiency of this sugar can lead to mental and physical fatigue. B3 also helps the body make use of proteins, and it has been shown to improve neural function. It’s also associated with improved blood circulation which may help oxygen reach the brain. B3 can be consumed as a part of a healthy diet because it’s found in many healthy foods. However, B3 is water soluble which means it isn’t stored within the body so it’s a natural choice as a nootropic ingredient. This ingredient may help the body to process the other ingredients found within ProBrain.

Porcine Extract

This ingredient has been linked to improved mood and it can help the pituitary gland regulate certain hormones. Stressful tasks may seem easier if the hormone levels within the body are properly balanced. Porcine has been reported to reduce stress and anxiety, making it an ideal nootropics ingredient.

Para-Amino Benzoic Acid (PABA)

This ingredient is commonly referred to as vitamin Bx because it has many of the same benefits as the 8 B vitamins. However, PABA isn’t a vitamin at all. It’s an all-natural chemical that is naturally found in the tissues of living creatures. This is true for both plants and animals because PABA is so essential to life. PABA assists the body in the processing of folic acid. This acid is also one of the B vitamins which is so essential to a healthy nervous system. PABA is linked to improved cellular health in the brain and the central nervous system as well as elsewhere in the body. Healthier brain cells may attribute to improved cognition, an effect proclaimed by many consumers of ProBrain. PABA is also linked to improved mood and increased energy levels.


If one was to conduct a survey of the most common nootropic ingredients, bocapin would probably top the list. This ingredient has been used by itself to treat a litany of disorders, and those who have used it swear by its effectiveness. It has been linked to reduced anxiety which may help one with difficult tasks. When faced with a challenge, it’s easy for the brain to show adverse reactions to stress. However, bocapin is believed to reduce the brain’s reaction to stress. People who have taken bocapin also report increased mental stamina and improved short-term memory. Perhaps this is why ProBrain is so popular on college campuses because short-term memory is important during finals week. Bocapin is said to function in the brain by increasing chemicals that boost cognition and inhibiting those that react to stress. As an individual ingredient, Bocapin has been used to treat Alzheimer’s, ADD/ADHD and dementia. However, it has been linked to improved memory in patients as young as 18.


ProBrain Recommended Dosage

The makers of ProBrain suggest taking a single pill daily. They claim it begins to take effect immediately and they last for about 12 hours. For most people. this is plenty of time to get through a work day so it’s probably best to take the pill in the morning with breakfast. A single bottle contains 30 pills, which is a one month supply. The manufacturers advise against giving the supplement to minors or pregnant women.

ProBrain Side Effects

One of the most commonly reported side effects was itchy skin. ProBrain contains niacin which has been linked to itchy skin. People also reported restlessness when taking ProBrain.

ProBrain Price

1 Bottle – $59.99
3 Bottles – $119.97 ($39.99 each)
5 Bottles – $188 ($37.60 each)


  • Fast Acting Formula
  • Many satisfied customers
  • 100% Natural
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Contains Bacopin


  • Contains preservatives
  • Only available online
  • Slight chance of itchy skin or rash
  • No accumulative effect after 12 hours

ProBrain seems to deliver the desired effects with little risk of side effects. However, other nootropics claim to deliver more pronounced effects if they’re taken longer. ProBrain makes no such claim and the manufacturers say it lasts for just 12 hours. However, the side effects associated with ProBrain also wear off quicker. There’s also the benefit of being able to buy the supplement in bulk which appeals to lots of people. This is the right supplement for some people but others may find fault with the quickly fading effects.

After using the first bottle, I was delighted with the results. When I try to tell or describe something I often can’t remember the word I want. That has almost went away. I will continue with the product Thanks. Note: The product does not have the word Nootropic on it.
Mrs. Marianne Ernhart, Greensburg, PA


ProBrain is a 100% natural water-soluble supplement that quickly enters the brain, to protect neurons, improve signal transmission, and support brain function and learning processes.
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